Thanks for supporting us! We were taken back by the success of the project and legitimately surprised that anyone besides our mothers would care what we did on a daily basis.

Here are some links to download a digital copy of our book. The smaller file will work for most of y’all and is still really great quality. We’ve included a ridiculously high quality version too for any bibliophiles out there looking for that sort of thing.

↓ Download smaller file size copy (50MB)

↓ Download super high quality copy (350MB)

→ Look through the book online

If you liked this project, you can see more of our work here:

→ randallbruder.com

→ josephanstett.com

Outtake photos for our digital backers:

(Click the photo to download the full resolution)

Photo for Tiffany Hands

Photo for Pete from Bedford

Photo for Philip Roberts

Photo for Augustine DiCiacce

Photo for Carol Brian

Photo for Lyndon Engemann

Photo for Catherine Walker

Photo for Thomas Sepe

Photo for Anna Schleicher

Photo for Rosie Siman Yakob

Photo for Kristy

Photo for Kathleen Reed

Photo for Kevin Shannon

Photo for Hesiona Selene

Photo for Hanna Ottomine Lind-holm

Photo for Elaine Wilson

Photo for Michelle Peck

We are glad you joined in this journey us.